SSL Web Server EV

Increase confidence in your business and decrease fraud with the Thawte SSL Web Server EV certificate.


When their browser address bars turn green, your customers get an instant sign they are on a high security site, thanks to EV (Extended Validation).

As well as giving your customers extra assurance, EV makes it nearly impossible for phishers to hijack your site or your brand. 

Benefits and features

  • Up to 256-bit encryption (minimum 40/56 bit). Upgrade to SGC for 128-bit minimum Call us ( 914 142 288) to find out more
  • Extended Validation
  • Free unlimited reissues for the lifetime of the Thawte SSL Web Server with EV certificate
  • $1,500,000 warranty
  • Save time and money by buying for several years! By buying for 2 years, you would spend less time managing your certificates and your cost per year would drop from 389,00 € to 324,50 €
  • You have the option of using the SHA-2 algorithm (encryption of 256-bits) instead of SHA-1 (encryption of 160-bits). Click here to find out more.
  • Privileged benefits as an SSL247® customer. These include our 30 day money-back guarantee, a personal account manager and a MySSL® account
  • Free Thawte site seal      

SSL247 is an official expert on the Thawte Web Server Extended Validation certificate 

Our SSL consultants are SSE and SSE+ accredited, officially recognised as 'experts' on all certificates within the Thawte range. Contact us for impartial SSL advice today, and find out if this certificate is right for your business. Call  914 142 288.

Do you need to offer your customers better encryption?

The Thawte SSL Web Server with EV certificate gives encryption of 128 to 256-bit in the latest browsers. However, without SGC your customers with older browsers could receive encryption as low as 40 or 56 bit. For both EV and SGC, choose the Secure Site Pro EV from the world’s most trusted Certificate Authority - Symantec

Need some unbiased advice? 

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