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SHA-256 Encryption
Suporte a dispositivo móvel
ECC compatibility
Unlimited server Licence
Average issue time 2 days 2 days 2 days 1 horas 2 days 5 days
Free Re-issuance
Support Full service Full service Full service Only Pro version Full service Full service
30 Days Money Back Guarantee Sim Sim Sim Sim Sim Sim
Garantia Up to $1,750,000 Up to $1,500,000 Up to $1,500,000 Up to $10,000 Up to $1,500,000 Up to $1,750,000
Vulnerability scan
Anti Malware scan
Trust Mark

At SSL247®, we make sure we only sell SSL certificates from the best in the business - Symantec, GeoTrust, GlobalSign and RapidSSL.

How to choose the right SSL certificate for you:

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By Validation method:

Extended Validation - That'll give you the green bar of trust - the best way to show you're secure.
Organisation Validation - Prove to your customers that your business is legitimate, and you're taking their security seriously.
Domain Validation - Secure non-sensitive information in just minutes. Not recommended for e-commerce.


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By Certifification Authority:

Symantec - The world's most recognised name in online security.
GeoTrust - The world's largest SSL certificate provider after Symantec.
Thawte - Another global SSL provider.
GlobalSign - Strong encryption from Europe's biggest SSL provider.
RapidSSL - Entry-level SSL recommended for testing and internal use.


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By Encryption:

Choose a certificate with ECC to guarantee higher performing encryption without increasing bandwidth consumption. A 256-bit ECC certificate retains its speed but provides the cryptographic strength of a massive 3072-bit SSL certificate.

Try before you buy

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Free SSL

Free SSL for 30 days. Issued in minutes, you can give SSL a test drive, and see what it's all about. 

More information? Click to find out more about 30 day trials


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An SSL recommendation tailored to your business

At SSL247, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled service approach to SSL.  To help you find the SSL certificate that will fulfil all of your security needs, we offer a free security assessment and SSL recommendation based on your business. Our Wizard is here to help you choose the right certificate for all your needs. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our accredited SSL consultants for personalised, impartial advice.

Try our Wizard

Need more than just one SSL certificate?

If this is the case, the MySSL® portal is quite the welcome breeze in SSL portfolio management. Unlike many companies who offer a management platform where cobwebs wouldn't look out of place, MySSL® is a modern and powerful management tool, perfect for effortlessly running your SSL portfolio. Speak to us to find out more.

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