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Find out how you can unlock an extra source of income for your business today with SSL247.

Become an SSL247 partner and start reselling SSL certificates

Join our long list of partners which already includes Microsoft partners, web design/build companies, IT resellers and dedicated SSL resellers, and start reselling our industry leading products to add a new revenue stream to your business.

There are 9 compelling reasons to resell SSL certificates with SSL247. They combine to provide a quick, easy, and supportive service that our competitors just can’t match.

You’ll feel the unique benefits of

  • Our dedicated pre-vetting team.
  • Our MySSL® portal – a new, quick and powerful dashboard. Not one of the clunky legacy systems customers of our competitors must endure.

Plus we receive market and technology updates, because of our position as a Website Security Specialisation Partner of Symantec and our Platinum Partnerships, which you’ll instantly benefit from.

But that’s not all. Click here for our 9 pledges that also stretch to our other premier web security products.

NOW INTRODUCING: Penetration Testing, Domain Registration/Management & Brand Protection reselling programs.

Become the complete web security expert by reselling our premium web security solutions.

Penetration Testing

A Penetration Test is a simulation of a malicious attack on a computer system, network or organisation from either an internal or external perspective, performed under 'real-life' conditions. Penetration testing allows you to test your entire infrastructure and ensure that your company's IT systems are secure from any internet based attack.

It begins work without requiring installation and scans their website to detect, prevent and heal a wide range of hack attempts. It also has the artificial intelligence (AI) to anticipate, and protect your clients from, always-evolving malware before it reaches their site.

75% of sites currently have security holes. Could your clients be helping to make up that percentage?

Domain Registration/Management

Our Domain Registration/Management service is an easy and honest method of registering 275 (and counting) domains and managing your domain portfolio. One of our dedicated account managers will undertake the transfer of your client’s portfolio from start to finish, to ensure the procedure is as painless as possible.

Unlike with other providers, your customers will not be subjected to the nausea of hidden extras and harsh penalty fines for late redemption. Plus, you’ll have access to personalised support from our expert consultants, so you and your clients are fully supported. Click here to find out more about our domain registration/management service.

Brand Protection

Give your clients the opportunity to pre-empt a costly domain eviction process by offering them privileged access to a whole host of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). With ICANN set to release hundreds of new domains, identity thieves and cyber squatters are set to threaten your clients’ reputations and budgets.

Cyber squatters will be looking to register recognised brands under the new extensions so they can sell them back at inflated prices, whilst identity thieves will be looking to use a recognised brand to host malicious content. You can be confident your clients will not want to go through the rigmarole of dealing with either eventuality. 

Our brand protection service allows for the registration of trademarks, in a period before the general release, which will also alert your clients to anyone trying to register a domain name that matches their mark. Click here to find out more about our brand protection.

For more information on the features of all our reseller programs click here

Finally, if our FREE API or iframe has got you interested, click here to see how they work in more detail.

Get in touch

If your questions aren’t quite covered by the linked information above, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our web security consultants for expert advice.

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Os selos de certificação da Norton são vistos mais de meio bilhão de vezes por dia em mais de 100.000 sites em 170 países e em resultados de busca em navegadores habilitados, assim como em sites de compras parceiros e páginas de avaliação de produtos. Quando as pessoas que visitam seu site vêem o Selo de Garantia Norton é menos provável que eles abandonem uma transação e mais provável que façam negócio online com você.

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