Personal IDs from SSL247

Sign, encrypt and secure your emails and Microsoft Office documents, with a Personal ID from SSL247

With a Personal ID, you’ll assure recipients of your emails and MS Office documents that they are indeed from you – and they haven’t been tampered with since you sent them.

A Personal ID also gives real legal value to your important documents – like invoices, contracts and quotes – the same value as hand-signed documents.

With a Personal ID you can:

  • Sign and encrypt emails and MS Office documents (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)
  • Give real legal value to your important documents
  • Ensure that your documents aren’t tampered with after you send them
  • Authenticate to SSL VPNs
  • Show you are professional and trustworthy

Click here to see some examples of digital signatures.

GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Department

This certificate is used by departments representing organisations (e.g. marketing at SSL247) to secure emails, authenticate to an online service or digitally sign Microsoft Office documents.

GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Pro

This class 2 certificate is used by a person representing a company to secure their emails (for example, John Smith at SSL247), authenticate themselves to an online service or to digitally sign their Microsoft Office documents.

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