Are all your websites and subdomains SSL-ready for Chrome 68 in July 2018?

Google is taking the next step in keeping Chrome users safe by marking all HTTP pages as not secure from the release of Chrome 68 in July 2018.

Source: Google Security Blog


Simply put, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the communication protocol used for transmitting information between a user’s web browser and your website/server.

HTTPS (HTTP secure) is an encrypted version of HTTP, where SSL/TLS enables a secure connection for the exchange of this information and verifies that your website is associated with your organisation, and not a potential attacker.

The SSL247 website marked as secure with an EV SSL certificate

Are you SSL-ready or will your potential and existing customers be told that your website is not secure?

I am new to SSL and HTTPS – why should I secure my website?

When left unsecured, information submitted by your users (in forms, for example) or information that you are transferring to them via your website can easily be listened in on by an unauthorised third-party.

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I have multiple websites and/or sub-domains – how can I make sure that everything is secured?

Don’t risk losing your customers – with this announcement from Google, it is now more than ever important to ensure that your entire website can be accessed securely, and that visitors to your site know this.

If your organisation manages multiple websites or a single website containing multiple sub-domains (such as, and, we recommend protecting your business and users with an Always-on-SSL solution.

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Posted on Tuesday 03 July 2018 by Wesley Hall

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